Celebrating the Contribution of Women

Women have made significant contributions in helping us achieve our mission. From participating in the fight for land rights to advocating for the promotion of indigenous livelihoods like basketry and ensuring people embrace indigenous foods, women have been at the forefront of our efforts. They have been passing on culture to young generations, preserving traditional knowledge and practices and making sure that they are not lost over time. In addition, women have been actively engaging in court cases, raising awareness about land rights and promoting the conservation of the environment in our communities.
At CIPDP, we recognize the importance of women’s contributions and have held women assemblies to gather and appreciate the role of women in our society. One was done in February and another in June 2022. This year’s assembly has been scheduled for April 2023, and women’s contributions will take center stage.
We have taken steps to empower women by establishing a formal leadership structure for them. In July 2022, we organized a meeting for the women to elect their officials. Each of the three regions (Chepkitale, Chepyuk, and Trans Nzoia) had to be represented and 5 officials who make up the leadership for the region were chosen. This step is a significant milestone for the women in the region as it provides them with a platform to have their voices heard.
Furthermore, we have a livelihood project on women economic empowerment through grants. The grants benefit registered women groups and so far, 24 women groups from the three regions (Chepkitale, Chepyuk, and Trans Nzoia) have been reached. The grants empower women to have easy access to credit and engage in income-generating activities, contributing to the economic growth of their families and communities.
As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to recognize the invaluable contributions of women to CIPDP and to the wider community. Women are instrumental in driving change and it is our duty to ensure that their voices are heard, their contributions acknowledged and their leadership abilities recognized.
We celebrate the courage, resilience and tenacity of women who despite facing significant challenges, continue to make a positive impact in our community. At CIPDP, we remain committed to supporting the aspirations of the Chepkitale People and promoting gender equality.
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