Clan Totem: Maraweet (A bird)

Rivers: Kissawai, Kipyoywan and Sosio


Ogiek community has 32 clans. Before colonial eviction, we used to reside in Toboo, Kirorai,Yopoo Mtakat(Kaytaab soseet). The meaning of our clan is stubborn and it came as a result of our stubborn father (Chungureebich) thus the name chakor.

The Kabchakoor clan came through red sea-suez canal-through sudan until they arrivearrived kenya in Tugen. They then resided in Kibtabar. The elder wife bore Kimotui and second wife bore Ruto who bore Kibore.

Kapchakoor clan members also reside in Tugen, Nnadi, Pook  and sabiny; Cherangány(kamoi) and kilgoris(osupko).

The clan came into recognition before 18th century.

Roles that the clan played:

  • Pastoralism
  • Hunting
  • Herbalist
  • Blood drawing

Special events that our clan participated in:

  • Traditional circumcision
  • Customary marriage
  • Wrestling
  • Hunting i.e siporoo, tetaab cherotwa.
  • Listing ID: 1270