Clan Totem: Soiyeet/Buffallo 

Rivers: Kimoson and Kaibei.


There are 32 clans in our community. Before colonial evictions, our clan resided in Sekut and in between Kimoson River and Kaibei River. Our clan is called Kapchebowooy meaning Old Man (Chepowoy).

This clan originated from Egypt. The inhabited the sub-nation of Kabeywa in Uganda. Due differences among clan members, it is believed that we migrated to Kenya and settled at Sekut and later on, Chepkitale Reserve.

Other members of the clan are found in; Uganda, Masai Land, Teso, Tereme-Tnazania, Kong’it-Mt. Elgon, Kipsigis and Pokot.

The clan used to play the following roles since time memorial;

  • Hunting and gathering
  • Warriors
  • Singers
  • Leaders

Special events that the clan used to participate were;

  • Circumcision ceremonies
  • Advisors
  • Bee keeping
  • Cattle keeping
  • Barter trade

The clan has close relationship with Kapchebok clan.

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