Clan Totem: Big Lion without hair (Kipletuut) and Ear marks (Sotia)

Rivers: Bulbulya, Kaptegaa, Chepchoina, Kiptukot, Kapkurot and Chepsoikey.

Caves: Arimootiit, Chepkitanga, Chebiyeet and Kibooy.


We have 32 clans in our community. Before colonial evictions, our clan members resided in Arawa, Koitokoch, Kaptegaa, Kesheber, Kiptokot, Njoro, Cheberem and Kapkoi. The name kaabewor comes from the soil named Worionteet which is found in Eworio River in our territory. The soil was used by age-sets during circumcision.

The origin of our clan: Kabeywa-Mt. Elgon. Other members of our clan are found in Sebei (Bukwo, Kwen and Kapchorwa districts).

The clan came into recognition in the year 1860s. The following were roles played by our clan members:

  • Hunting
  • Gathering
  • Warriors eg Kirui Chemakwila who participated in the world war II
  • Singers

The clan participated in special events of the community such as:

  • Circumcision ceremony
  • Singing
  • Honey harvesting
  • Pastoralism

N/B They can freely intermarry with all clans.

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