Clan totem: Soiyeet/Buffalo

Rivers: Chelelaibei and Terem


There are 32 clans in our community. Our clan members resided in Kwama area Mosop before evictions to Chepyuk. There were two old men named Muriony and Chemong; they separated and Murion was called Kapmuriony and Chemong was called Kapchemong thus name Kapmuriony clan.

Generally, the Kalenjin came from Egypt-Ethiopia moving towards Uganda. Whereas all Kalenjins continued with their migration, others went to Kenyan Highlands and Rift Valley, Tugen, Pokot etc. The ones who remained came to Mt. Elgon on foot.

Roles Associated with Our clan:

  • Disciplinary
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Adhering to law
  • Advocating for education
  • Conservation
  • Warriors

Special events participated by Clan members

  • Pastoralism
  • Bee-keeping
  • Inter-marrying (Lol)

Clans with close Relationship with Kamuriony

  • Kaptaben
  • Kaptomet
  • Kapchibeet
  • Kapter
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