Totem: Buffalo

Rivers: Suam, Kaptegaa, Chepchuina, Kiptugot and Muberes


Kapchebochok is part of the family of Ogiek that live in Chepkitale (Mt. Elgon) they originated from Egypt and migrated along River Nile. They came through Uganda and settled shortly at Siron, Kapchorwa. Later on, Kaboi migrated again and cross R. Suam then died at Kaptegaa.

In 17th Century, Nandi raiders came; they moved to caves like Chebiyet, Kiboi, Lasia where they lived for long time. Before settling in Lasia the Nandis abducted two people one being son of Kaboi. They were takento Nandi. Up to date, we live in Mt. Elgon and others in Transzoia.

The clan became into recognition before Christ

Roles Played by our clan:

  • Animal Keeping
  • Bee keeping
  • Basketry
  • Dress making

Special Events that our clan participated

  • Circumcision
  • Marriage ceremonies
  • Community messengers
  • Reconciliatory

They have a close relationship with the following clans thus they cannot intermarry:

  • Kaptomet
  • Kapchepng’or
  • Kapewoor
  • Kaptopsich
  • Kapchemandan
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