Clan Totem: Buffalo calf

Rivers: Kibusi and Sosio

Caves: Cheptonon, Kanikwa, Cheptoloj and Chepterit


We have 32 clans in our community. Before colonial eviction, our clan resided in Chepengoi/Kapsorei area. The name Kapchepng’eny was given to clan after death of Chepng’eny who was born in the cave near natural salt hence the name.

The origin of our clan is traced in Misri then Sebei Uganda then Kapsorei area.

The clan came into recognition in 15th Century.

Roles that our clan played;

  • Reconciliation
  • Leadership
  • Livestock/Bee keeping
  • Other cultural activities

Special events that our clan participated

  • Dancing
  • Wrestling
  • Warriors

The clan has close relationship to Kaptoktokei clan hence cannot intermarry

  • Listing ID: 1298