Clan Totem: Kipseng’wetiet

River: Kimelil

Caves; Lolwoot and Kapkores.


They are believed to come from Egypt(Misri). They journeyed through Sudan and settled in Ugands(Sebei). This became their first home; they later migrated to Chepkitale after being attacked by the Karamojong. They came and settled at Chemeter in Tomoi area. After a long period, they had disagreement among themselves ie Tapen and Songor. This was because Tapen son impgrenated Songors daughter. After the quarrel, Sngor his own clan called Songor and Tapen developed Tapen. Songor left Chemater and settled at Kipores their present residence.

Other members of this clan are believed to be in Sebei, Tugen and Pook.

Some of the roles played by this clan included;

  • Advisors
  • Reconciliatory
  • Warriors
  • Bee hive making
  • Listing ID: 1301