Clan Totem: Bee

Before colonial evictions, Kapkoi clan resided in Chepkitale-Kimoson. The clan Origin is Trnaszoia-Endebess. It originated from Marakwet then to Trnaszoia Endebess(Kimoson).

Other members of Kapkoi clan are found in Kong’it, Saboti and Cherang’any. Rivers associated with Kapkoi clan are: Cheptonon, Cheptuing’weny, Kasawai, Kimoson, Kaibei, Mubere and Kaptega. Kakoi clan came into recognition in the year 1885.

The roles that were played by Kapkoi are; Admnistration, Peace keeping, reconciliation and defending the community. Some of the special events participated by the clan were; music, making beehives, notching of cattle and castration of bulls.

Kapsang’ clan has close relationship with Kapkoi clan thus hindering us to inter-marry;

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