Clan Totem: Leopard

River: Sosio 

We have 32 clans in our community. During pre-colonial era, our clan resided in Cheptarit cafe Laboot sub-location. The name kapng’enyiik was derived from word “ng’engtaa” which means  the founder loved to take his livestock in the cave to lick ngengtaa.

The clan originated from far Ethiopia in 1856. Later in 1890, they settled in West Nile then moved to the slopes of Mt. Elgon region. In Uganda, they settled in Sebei region and in Kenya they settled in Chepkitale.

Other clan members are found in;

  • Sebei Region Uganda
  • Somek kopsiro
  • Kony Transzoia.

The clan came into recognition in the year 1900-1910AD.

Roles played by Clan

  • Administration
  • Warriors
  • Witchdoctors

Special Events

  • Circumcision ceremonies
  • Marriage Ceremonies
  • Cultural Dancers
  • Ritual Ceremonies

Clans that can’t intermarry is one: Kapserek

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